A Pikachu stands as you take a picture of it in a clearing.

Many fans of Pokémon in the late 90’s and early 2000’s will remember the Nintendo 64 gem Pokémon Snap. Journey through various regions, taking pictures of Pokémon and trying to collect them all in a bid to get the best quality Pokémon pictures possible.

This game lives up to the hype of the original. With a multitude of regions to explore, as well as different time of day, you can see a wide variety of Pokémon in a beautiful landscape.

A Hoothoot dances while listening to music.

It seems like a simple game where you follow a preset track, and simply take pictures. In reality, with a variety of hidden tracks, and plenty of tools, to truly get all the pictures in your photo album you must use all of these tools in a variety of ways to get these Pokémon to do certain actions, thereby catching behaviors not normal.

You find yourself, again and again, going through the same landscapes looking for new picture angles, new ideas to get different behaviors documented, as well as looking for ways to open a new route. As you collect your pictures, these routes level up, which then give you different opportunities for even more Pokémon.

Trubbish stinks up the place while Eevee tries not to pass out.

In our family, this game has provided hours of entertainment since his release about two weeks ago. It seems like there is a never ending supply of photo opportunities no matter who is playing. Once one person is done, another person picks it up and finds new angles or has new ideas on how to get the best pictures.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, and you enjoy the Pokémon universe, I would highly recommend that you get this game.

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